Fantasy RPG Project

Noe leyva bossfightlg
Boss Fight
Noe leyva templekey 16002
Funeral Ceremony (hero's wife's death)
Noe leyva eviltempleflat1
Underworld Rift
Noe leyva chara turnaround
Main Character
Noe leyva chara attacks1
"Whip Sword" attacks.
Noe leyva charactersiteration2
Possible costumes.
Noe leyva weaponsandshield
Weapon design
Noe leyva bossman1
"Final Boss: Final Form"
Noe leyva bossmanhuman4
Main Antagonist: Human Form
Noe leyva enemies16002
Enemy Designs.

This is a personal concept art project for an action RPG inspired by Aztec and other Mesoamerican cultures, as well as games like Diablo, Castlevania, and Chrono Trigger. Cheers!

Check out my Twitter and Instagram for some process gifs/vids!