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Failsafe: Concepts and Key Art

A select few images that were done for an indie game project named: Failsafe by Game Over.
Many unreleased concepts were also created regarding characters and environments.

Noe leyva noe leyva quadbot fight ks

Key art

Noe leyva isralookinatgiant

Key art

Noe leyva theforgotten overpaint1

Environment art paintover.

Noe leyva interior city

Envrionment concept

Noe leyva noe leyva isra xj 1


Noe leyva unca


Noe leyva isra action posesks noe1

Character actions.

Noe leyva noe leyva promo botty lookingatshrooms mid

Splash image/ possible title screen (no menu present)